Why You Should Be Wary About EventElephant

Although some people recommend EventElephant to organize your events, the final decision is in your hand. Make sure to browse the details of their previous work. If possible, contact the company for further information. Never bet the reputation upon something that is not certified yet.

Late Payment
The number of disappointed costumers of EventElephant is no joke. They even make a petition, which push the event organizer to pay their share. The number reaches around 500 people, based on the total persons who signed the petition. All of them complained that the company hadn’t paid them back, even though the event has passed for months.

In the contract, the payment should be settled after all the bank charges have been calculated. This process shouldn’t take long according to these businessmen. Moreover, all the payments are directed to the EO account. Thus, many agree that the reason given by EventElephant staff that the participants hold their payment is not reasonable at all.

There is another surprising fact. The event organizer owed several companies for two years long. It might be a small amount for big company, but since the event belonged to small non profit organization, the number matters.

Inactive Contacts
The dispute between the event organizer and the costumers won’t be a big headline if the EventElephant immediately settled the payment. As the email respond is not satisfying enough, many had tried to contact the office in Dublin, only to find that it was closed. The other branches quickly went into bankruptcy as well. The case, as well as the petition, then were presented to the High Court.

There are times when EventElephant gains a lot of attention from both small and big companies. They have great offer and help them to organize the events based on the agreed details. Unfortunately, some users were not satisfied with the systems.