The One and Only a Perfect Planner Debi Lilly

Who doesn’t know the famous TV show, Oprah Winfrey Show? If you are wondering who the creative people behind that famous show, you will see a name of Debi Lilly will show up in the lists. No wonder, she got a huge success when decided to set up her event planner company with all the background she had so far in her career. Let’s find out about A Perfect Planner by Debi Lilly.

The Overview
A Perfect Planner: Debi Lilly is an event company which focuses on planning and designing various events for their clients. The office is located in 3050 N Lincoln Avenue, Chicago, IL 60657. You can contact them by phone or sending the email. This event planning and designing company has worked in the event’s field for more than 20 years. It is more than enough for the De Lilly and teams to learn and improve their service to give the best final execution to their clients. A Perfect Planner: Debi Lilly provides a complete service for the client.

A Perfect Planner: Debi Lilly receives some awards for the services to their clients. They are Top 10 event Planner which awarded by Departure Magazine, The Top Wedding Planner by Martha Stewart and The Knot, Top Event Innovator by BizBash and Top Event Planner which is awarded by Global Black Book. These awards are a proof that A Perfect Planner: Debi Lilly is a good event planner that can help their clients in creating the memorable events as they required.

The Teams
A Perfect Planner by Debi Lilly is fronted by the professional people who know well their working fields and has passion on it. There are three women who sit in the top of the event company. They are Debi Lilly, Rachael Brodette and Natalie Zotto. Debi Lilly served as the chief of the event company. Rachael Brodette and Natalie Zotto served as the events managers. Together, they make a strong cooperation bond along with other talented people who work as the team in A Perfect Planner by Debi Lilly.

The Services
A Perfect Planner by Debi Lilly provides various services for their clients. They are parties, wedding event, corporate events, galas dinner, flora decoration, stationeries management, styling, bridal shower and more. There are a lot of types of service events that you can get in A Perfect Planner by Debi Lilly. You can see the latest events as your reference by checking their website.

A Perfect Planner: Debi Lilly will accommodate all your needs related to personal or companies events. You can find the best and complete service that will help you in making your event to be the best ever and also memorable.