The Latest Xsaga Works

Is there any better way to see the quality of event organizer other than the documentary of the events? Probably no. For the last years, Xsaga had handled lots of events, none of them end in failure. In fact, they were so amazing, both for the company and the visitors.

Gourmet Elkaar
The Gourmet Elkaar is basically a very spontaneous diner or people usually get-together. The seat could be reserved through pre-booking system. The concept is having a long tent in the middle for the guests, then the other tents on the sides will be the cooking tent for the cooks and barista.

The preparation stage is so detailed: wood palette for the cooking tent, welcoming beanie for the guests, the warm lighting, etc. By the time the guests arrive, everything is ready. Then, they get seated and the food and drink start pouring. A bonus: sing along with the mini orchestra performers who come to the table!

Designer Outlet Roermond
It is all about light and timing. For this project, Xsaga works with tons of experienced staffs to make the miracle happen. The idea of outlet roermond is the extraordinary firework festival. As the opening show, there will be a gigantic light model, walking from the gallery to the amusement park. The body, hands and feet movement are controlled by six humans.

As the light model goes to the street, it attracts crowd and many follows it to the amusement park. After arriving, it starts to light up the merry-go-round. The moment it touches the roof, the lights are turned on. The events repeat until the light model reaches the ferris wheel, hit the bell and officially launches the firework. Oh! donÆt forget the marching band!

There are several ways to check how well an event organizer plans the whole programs. First, you could attend the event. Second, you could see the documentary videos. If these two are not enough, go call the companies to make sure! Either way, Xsaga always tries to bring the best out of the occasion.