The Big Help at Your Wedding Day: Brilliant Event Planning

Celebrating a wedding is a dream for everyone. Perfect dresses, hairdos, makeup, food, beverage, and décoration are a kind of big thing to do. Behind this perfect moment, there is a lot of preparation to make! Don’t push yourself too hard handling everything by yourself. You need help from the professional wedding organizer to make your wedding dream come true. Don’t hesitate to call Brilliant Event Planning to help you preparing your big day! Why should Brilliant Event Planning?

The Big Help at Your Wedding Day

The Experts
Say hello to the experts! In Brilliant Event Planning, you will handle by the professional to help you out with your wedding event. It will be fun since the experts have a lot of experience in handling and organizing the wedding events for many clients for almost 10 years. The Brilliant Event Planning was founded by Sarah Pease in 2008. Now, it is owned by Chelsea LaFollette and Sarah Glick.

The Brilliant Event Planning is headquartered in Boston and New York City. Both Sarah and Chelsea are really passionate about planning the wedding and make it as a fun experience rather than stress things to do. All the teams of Brilliant Event Planning are creative individuals who have the same commitments and vision in giving the best to their clients. This creative wedding organizer will make your dream on your wedding day come true.

The Experience
Brilliant Event Planning has dealt with this business for ten years. They have served various wedding events with a lot of type of concepts and themes. To keep the quality and maintain the focus, the Brilliant Event Planning limits their clients for each year. The wedding will be inspired by the couples’ love story, so one wedding event to another will be different and has special meaning for the couple.

Brilliant Event Planning can handle the wedding events internationally and locally. For those of you who live in outside of New York City and Boston, you still can contact the team to arrange and help you with your wedding plan. As the proof of their commitment and passion in arranging the best wedding event for their customers, Brilliant Event Planning has been awarded for the couple’s choice awards 2018 for Wedding wire and 2019 pick the knot best of weddings.

Brilliant Event Planning also serves their client for parties, baby shower, wedding proposal, bridal showers and more. No need to worry to think about the details and floor plan for your event, Brilliant Event Planning will help you to handle your events.