Start the Story of Your Events with Rafanelli Events Planner

Rafanelli events planner is one of the best event planners located in Boston, Palm Beach and New York City. This event planner was established by Bryan Rafanelli that well known for organizing Chelsea Clinton’s top-secret in 2010. Various events handled by Rafanelli Events planner.

– Wedding Party
Create and make a fabulous wedding party as your dream with Rafanelli’s wedding planner. Rafanelli wedding planner will help you to realize your wedding with providing a lot of services such as finding the wedding venue, decorations, caterings for foods and beverages, documentations, entertainments, bridal makeup, and bridal dress, hairdo, lighting, wedding favors and more related to your wedding.

– Non-Profit Events
Holding a non-profit event is sometimes not as easy as we imagine. Like for the charity event, it should be more than an event where you have to touch everyone’s heart in that event to feel the emotion. The Rafanelli and team will help you by providing some important services on that non-profit event like budget planning, décor design, entertainment, concept and budget planning, fundraising strategy, lighting and sound, venue selection, volunteer coordination, and even the sponsor package.

– Corporate or Company Events
The Rafanelli events also help you with your corporate or company events. The corporate events is an important time to reflect every single detail of your company and brand, so it is important to make sure you give a perfect detail for everything on those events. For this event, Rafanelli will help you with everything such as budget planning, décor and design, event venue, entertainment, catering, audiovisual, meeting planning, invitations, and more.

– Private Events
Enjoy your sweet and memorable private events with your family and friends with the help from Rafanelli events. You can make your private moments as the best time of your life with Rafanelli events that provide a lot of services, including budget planning, event venue, catering, décor design, invitations, photography, lighting, transportations and more services offered.

– Consulting and Branding Events
Beside of wedding, private and corporate events, Rafanelli events will also help you to promote, expand and re-launch your online gambling brand through the consulting and branding events that you organized. With Rafanelli events, you will get some important services like strategic planning, event relaunch, market research, fundraising strategy, graphic design, logo development and more.

Rafanelli events planner is one of the popular and best event planner that help you to make your events will be such as an amazing and memorable moment in your life. Celebrate every moment in your life with Rafanelli events planner that suitable for various moments in your life such as wedding party, non-profit events, corporate events, private events, and also consulting and branding events.