MKG: Where the Creative People Gathered!

MKG is an event company which focuses on company events and brand management. This event company also deals with several famous figures, such as Janet Jackson and Jessica Simpson. Have you ever seen the Google office? Google has a creative room which full of surprise and fun things to do. The idea behind creative work is MKG Marketing. It is a place where many creative people gather in a company!
– About MKG
MKG is also known for MKG Marketing. It was established by Maneesh K. Goyal in 2003. Their focus is on brand management and company events. MKG has two offices. The offices are located in New York City and Los Angeles. You can find the New York’s office at 599 Broadway, 4th Floor New York, NY 1001. You can reach the New York’s office by phone on 212 620 7770. While for the Los Angeles’ office is located in 933 N. La Brea, 2nd Floor West Hollywood, CA 90038. You can reach the New York’s office by dialing 323 656 7770.

In MKG, brands are the same importance as people. MKG wants to create an experience which makes the brands can interact with people. From that, people will love, need and eager to pay more for the brands.

– The Teams
MKG is a place where creative people gathered and produce brilliant ideas to market the brands, as well as they, hold the events for their clients. The teams of MKG are Tracy Bussan, Jake Brook- Harris, Lauren Austin, Mary Anne Broccolo, Christine Capone, Janna Ferner-Bell, Laura Gavin, Maggie Hightower, and Karina Munoz. The president of MKG is Tracy Bussan. Jake Brook- Harris is the president of MKG West. Lauren Austin is the executive creative director. Mary Anne Broccolo served as the design director.

Christine Capone served as the executive director marketing or strategy partnerships. Janna Ferner-Bell is the director of the production. Laura Gavin is the executive director production of MKG west. Maggie Hightower served as the finance director. Karina Munoz is the director accounts.

– The Works
You can see their works through their projects for various brands and popular companies, such as Google, Ray-Ban, Delta, MTV, Fila, SHOPBOB, Peloton, MLB, GOGO SQUEEZ, ABSOLUT, Mozilla, KIEHL’S, Delta Air Lines, BARKBOX, NETFLIX, AUDI and more. You can view each projects featuring the brands and the companies which will make you blow your mind.

The projects are so attractive and creative. You won’t see it twice in other places. To make their clients’ events go well and smooth, the MKG team have to breakdown the ideas and strategy into several steps. They are a strategy, creative, design, and production. Each step will be broken down into several parts which need some researches and developments to make the idea happened.