How Things Work In EventElephant

Either small or big, profitable or non-profitable, an organization or company usually holds an event. It could be weekly, monthly, or even annually. With all the piled up office works, the head project might need a hand to handle all the things for a perfect event. Just one question: how does it work?

Contact The Team
The first thing to do is contacting the team. It could be done through several ways: email, phone, social media account, or visiting the office. Either way, the head project should be ready with the rough plan of the event: what kind of event is it, what are the main programs, the target, etc.

Signing Contract
All these details will be constructed by the EventElephant team. If the head project is happy with the plan, then the agreement contract should be signed. In short, it covers what both parties need to know about the range of responsibility, how far one could interfere with the policy, etc. It is highly recommended to read the contract carefully.

Profit Sharing
One thing that should not be overlooked in a contract is the profit sharing. As the second party, EventElephant will demand a profit sharing. It could be considered as the “payment” for the team. Many people choose this EO because the sharing is quite low compared to the others; only around 4-5%.

In the end of the event, all the payment from the participants are transferred to EventElephant account. Then, after calculating the total income minus the profit sharing, the head project will get the rest of the payment.

Need a hand on the next big events? Why don’t find an event organizer to help? It would be a hustle to prepare all the details and call all the parties one by one. Draw the big plan, fill them in the form, make a short meeting, and let the EO team works for you!