Get Your Luxury Wedding Party with Colin Cowie Lifestyle

Get Your Luxury Wedding Party with Colin Cowie Lifestyle – If you are going to celebrate your wedding party with a luxurious and precious concept, the Colin Cowie Lifestyle will be s perfect wedding planner to choose. Colin Cowie Lifestyle is a wedding planner will help you to designs, plans and also creates a luxurious wedding party for you. The Colin Cowie Lifestyle team will not only help you in New York City, but they will help to make your wedding day becomes a special day wherever it is taking place. Here are the services that you will get from the Colin Cowie Lifestyle.

– The Professional Teams
Colin Cowie Lifestyle is handled by the professional, talented, creative and also passionate teams who always ensuring your wedding getting meaningful, memorable and luxurious at the same time. The teams have a lot of experiences even in the worldwide in planning, handling, and organizing the wedding events for some years. Even, they have worked for Oprah, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Aniston, Cosmopolitan Magazine and more.

– Wedding Destinations
Colin Cowie Lifestyle is one of the best wedding planners in New York which provides a lot of destination wedding for a milestone event or corporate event for the wedding couples. The teams have experienced for planning the wedding for the worldwide destination apart of the United States like Asia, Australia, Africa, and Europe. The Colin Cowie Wedding planner gets the certification from IATA and IATAN network that allows them to make reservations and negotiations for everything like reservations hotels and air transports for clients. Meanwhile certified online gambling site from Sbobet can give you the best option for online gambling games.

– Decorations
For the wedding’s decorations, Colin Cowie Lifestyle will help and offer the design services to create your wedding decorations according to your preference. You will get beautiful and luxurious wedding decoration from the help of Colin Cowie Lifestyle, including the floral and lighting for the decorations. You will get beautiful, memorable and luxurious wedding decorations as your dream. You can add the beautiful floral decorations and also beautiful lighting to enhance the mood and nuance into your wedding decorations.

Colin Cowie Lifestyle is one of a popular wedding planner located in New York City, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas. This wedding planner is handling by professional teams who always provide perfect services for their clients, like many wedding venues, decorations floral and lighting and more. The Colin Cowie Lifestyle also has worked for planning a luxurious wedding for a lot of celebrity couples. So, it is a brilliant idea to choose Colin Cowie Lifestyle for your fabulous wedding party.

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Here is Why People Hire EventElephant

Here is Why People Hire EventElephant – Organizing and holding an event is almost an impossible job when you don’t have the experience and talents on it. Meanwhile, an event needs a lot of vendors and services, and running the whole thing is often too much job to be done. In here, Eventelephant steps in. People start to hire them for these reasons:

  1. Affordable Commission
    As mentioned on its official site, this event organizer charges around 4-5% of the event profit. It means Eventelephant acts as a partner of the event holder. To be a part of your team, this eo only takes that much of commission on each event.
    Let’s say your organizations hold a charity event. Hiring them, you need to pay 4 or 5% of the total amount of your raised money to Eventelephant. Especially for bigger events like concert, this is a profitable agreement for both parties.
  2. Great Team
    The event organizer is also known to be really experienced and professionals on this field. The fact is they have a bunch of team members that are talented. This team makes a solid system, and they always work the event right. Like when you find Considering this only, every organization will be smart enough to hire them. It is like buying a guarantee that the event will be totally successful while the profit sharing is totally reasonable. Like putting a bet online in one of games, it will be rewarding.
  3. Reputation
    This is one of the most important factors when you are hiring. Even when you are hiring an employee, you want to check his reputation. Eventelephant seems to be a good candidate looking at the reputation. It always makes sense to hire an event organizer that really knows what to do.
Why People Hire EventElephant

The list of Eventelephant clients is long and impressive. Several celebrity names, popular magazines, reputable organizations, and more are included. If there are those people who trust them, there is almost no reason why we shouldn’t hire them as well.

Eventelephant has built a success and a reputation that is really impressive in this field. Various events are possible to handle with them, and a success is some kind of a promise whenever we are working with them.

Why You Have to Choose EventElephant
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Why You Have to Choose EventElephant

Why You Have to Choose EventElephant – Do you look for the best event organizer to help you out handling your big event? If you do, it will be so recommended for you to choose EventElephant. This remarkable event organizer, being part of the events for Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Anniston, Cosmopolitan Magazine, and so on, will definitely assist you to create a fabulous plan and organize the events that you are going to make as well as possible. Furthermore, some reasons musr be considered to choose EventElephant as your event organizer. Luckily, you will find out the reasons below.
– The Notable Professional Team
This is why you better choose EventElephant rather than any other event organizers is that it has the notable professional team. All members of the team are definitely the marvelous talented individuals that are able to suit any demands of their clients so awesomely. Even if there are so many odd requirements they get, they will always try their best to meet the expectations of their clients in the best way. Then, it is actually no wonder that they will give you their best service to make your event outstanding and wonderful at the same time. It is all because they believe that being the part of the team is not only a job, but also a passion that they love so much.

– The Splendid Set
Next, the other reason why you have to hire EventElephant is that it can plan or create you the splendid stage setting. In the other words, it will be able to make a jaw dropping and stunning stage for your events no matter if it is a wedding, concert, celebration, and so on. It is because they will always be committed to value you as their client in the most excellent way, so that you can show the best version of the event for sure. Moreover, you cannot ignore the design of the stage which looks so marvelous and astonishing for everyone who sees. Based on this, you will always get the fresh vibe that suits anyone who is enjoying your event.

After putting it all together, there are some reasons why you have to hire EventElephant whenever you want to create great event. It has the best things to keep the clients coming, such as professional team and creative ideas. All of them will really make your occasion so much more exceptional than you have ever imagined before.

How Things Work in EventElephant
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How Things Work in EventElephant

How Things Work in EventElephant – EvenElephant is an event organizer which deals with several famous figures. Jessica Simpson and Janet Jackson are two examples who used their service. If those two big names believe in this event organizer service, why wouldn’t we?
• How You Can Start to Work Together with Them
You can contact the team directly, but you definitely should have the event’s bigger picture. Put in mind that they cannot help you if you don’t know what you want. Either big or small, your event matter and the team will put their best effort to help you.

You can contact the team through social media account, phone, email, or just visit the office. They will immediately help you planning the event as long as you are ready with at least the rough plan.

• Contract Signing
After getting a rough plan for your event, you and the team will discuss the contract and details. The team will construct the details, but if you don’t agree with some points you may change the contract, but if you are content with it, then sign it.

This contract will cover on how both parties should act regarding the event and also the cost. So it would be best if you were careful while reading the contract so later there will not be any misunderstanding. Online casino players also should be cautious when choosing the website, but if they choose, they will not need to worry and just play right away.

• Share the Profit
EventElephant demands to share the profit from your event and can be considered as your payment for the team. However, it is something that you should not worry about since they usually only demand four to five per cent share. That’s why many people choose this event organizer.

At the end of the event, all the payments will be transferred to EventElephant. Then after the calculation, you can get the rest of the payment. You don’t need to think about anything else after the event, and the profits are all yours, minus the shared profit. Need an event organizer, then EventElephant is the answer. Get your event ready and just experience how great the team will work for you.

The Benefits You Can Get from Hiring EventElephant
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The Benefits You Can Get from Hiring EventElephant

Hiring EventElephant is such a very good idea that you have to do for real mainly if you want to make your event more magnificent. This notable event organizer will definitely offer you all the best things that you need for a distinctive and awesome occasion for sure. So then, you will find that your event can really grab the attention of everyone who comes. Not only that, EventElephant can also give you some cool benefits once you let them help you to make your event. Then, in case you are so curious about them, you have to find out what they are below.
– The Professional and Experienced Team
Well, one the benefits EventElephant can give to you is that it will provide you the professional and experienced team to help you out. In the other words, you will see that every single member of EventElephant team is definitely a talented and dedicated individual. They will always be ready to give you their helping hands in order to make your event really suit your expectations in the most perfect way possible. Even if there are some weird requirements asked by the clients, they will always try their best to meet it.

By doing so, they can really make sure that they will never make their clients get disappointed so badly. It is all because they are so passionate about the jobs that they are doing with the team. Aside of that, most of them has the incredible experiences planning events for such big names in the industry, such as Jennifer Anniston, Oprah Winfrey, Cosmopolitan Magazine, and so many more still. Thus, based on this specific fact, it is obviously something that you will never regret to work with EventElephant.

– The Trustworthy Consulting Session
Moreover, the other benefit that EventElephant can offer to you is that it can provide you the trustworthy consulting session. This kind of service will allow get involved in the planning process of your event. So then, you can talk to the team of the event organizer about anything that you have in mind, whether it is a creative ideas, the artistic decorations, the important additions, and so on. Besides, it has an expert that can give you some useful advices in order to make the most right concept for your event. So, it will be a lot easier for you stick to the plan while creating the perfect event that you desire.

Why Is EventElephant Loved by Clients
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Why Is EventElephant Loved by Clients

EventElephant is not the only planning and event organizers in the city, but many people are trusting them to handle various events. Thus, it could be concluded that the organization has some essential values that couldn’t be found in any other places. What are these great qualities that make clients keep coming?
– Professional Teams
The clients claim that the first reason to keep coming back to EventElephant is the professional team. A lot of event organizers propose that they have professional team as well, but nothing speaks better than the portfolio and results. EventElephant has been part of event planning for Jennifer Anniston, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Oprah, and many more.

What makes the EventElephant team so professional is the talented individuals. They are able to meet the clients’ demand and even add some creative touches in their work. The project is not merely a job, but something they are passionate about.

– Profit Sharing as Payment
Holding an event is pricey, especially when the requirements are high-class and specific. This is why many people hesitate to use event organizer service. They try to calculate the bill and see that organizer will add the cost of the event. The fund management is important and many players registered in online casino have applied similar formula to control their spending.

For entertainment event like concert, EventElephant has interesting offer. Instead of paying them separately as an organizer, the clients could choose profit sharing option to pay the bill. The rate requested by EventElephant is relatively low, around 4-5% only.

– Extraordinary Set Up
Last but not the least advantage of trusting EventElephant is the stage setting. For any occasion; wedding, celebration, grand meeting, concert, etc, there would be spectacular stage. This is how deep the organizer value the client and share the concern to show the best only. Furthermore, the design always looks fresh and emit youth vibe. The visitors will surely admire the work.

There must be a special occasion if the service from event organizer is required. It could be a wedding, a meeting, a concert, and many more. To answer these demands, EventElephant combines the power of professional team, convenient payment and extraordinary set up. These are the secrets of their success.

Start the Story of Your Events with Rafanelli Events Planner
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Start the Story of Your Events with Rafanelli Events Planner

Rafanelli events planner is one of the best event planners located in Boston, Palm Beach and New York City. This event planner was established by Bryan Rafanelli that well known for organizing Chelsea Clinton’s top-secret in 2010. Various events handled by Rafanelli Events planner.

– Wedding Party
Create and make a fabulous wedding party as your dream with Rafanelli’s wedding planner. Rafanelli wedding planner will help you to realize your wedding with providing a lot of services such as finding the wedding venue, decorations, caterings for foods and beverages, documentations, entertainments, bridal makeup, and bridal dress, hairdo, lighting, wedding favors and more related to your wedding.

– Non-Profit Events
Holding a non-profit event is sometimes not as easy as we imagine. Like for the charity event, it should be more than an event where you have to touch everyone’s heart in that event to feel the emotion. The Rafanelli and team will help you by providing some important services on that non-profit event like budget planning, décor design, entertainment, concept and budget planning, fundraising strategy, lighting and sound, venue selection, volunteer coordination, and even the sponsor package.

– Corporate or Company Events
The Rafanelli events also help you with your corporate or company events. The corporate events is an important time to reflect every single detail of your company and brand, so it is important to make sure you give a perfect detail for everything on those events. For this event, Rafanelli will help you with everything such as budget planning, décor and design, event venue, entertainment, catering, audiovisual, meeting planning, invitations, and more.

– Private Events
Enjoy your sweet and memorable private events with your family and friends with the help from Rafanelli events. You can make your private moments as the best time of your life with Rafanelli events that provide a lot of services, including budget planning, event venue, catering, décor design, invitations, photography, lighting, transportations and more services offered.

– Consulting and Branding Events
Beside of wedding, private and corporate events, Rafanelli events will also help you to promote, expand and re-launch your online gambling brand through the consulting and branding events that you organized. With Rafanelli events, you will get some important services like strategic planning, event relaunch, market research, fundraising strategy, graphic design, logo development and more.

Rafanelli events planner is one of the popular and best event planner that help you to make your events will be such as an amazing and memorable moment in your life. Celebrate every moment in your life with Rafanelli events planner that suitable for various moments in your life such as wedding party, non-profit events, corporate events, private events, and also consulting and branding events.

Why You Should Choose David Tutera for Your Events?
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Why You Should Choose David Tutera for Your Events?

Why You Should Choose David Tutera for Your Events? – Planning and organizing an event can be challenging for most people. So, using the events planner to handle any event is needed. If you need help from the professional event planner for your event, you can trust your event to David Tutera event planner. As the professional event planner, David Tutera and team will help you in planning, organizing and also handling everything for your event.

– About David Tutera
David Tutera is an American bridal fashion designer, TV Host, author and also popular as a wedding planner who always successful for a lot of events. He honored by Many Life and Style Magazines as “Best Celebrity Wedding Planner” who deals with a lot of celebrities for his clients, including Elton John, Jennifer Lopes, Shania Twain, Jewel, Prince Charles and more.

And there are also some great events also handled by David and teams like for The Alzheimer’s Association, The Prevent Cancer Foundation, DIFFA (Design Industries Foundation Fighting Aids) and more. David Tutera’s events planner is located in Los Angeles California. You just contact him on phone 1-844-305-9457 or the mailing address 23823 Malibu Road Suite 50-439 Malibu, CA 90265.

David Tutera can handle many kinds of events like wedding, company events, charity, personal party, and the other events even for non-profit events. Choosing David Tutera event can be a perfect way to represent your events into the more than an event. Through the services and details offered such as the designs, decorations, entertainments, flowers, lightings and for all of the aspects of events, you will get a memorable, meaningful and also fabulous event ever.

– The Professional Team Work
As a professional events planner, David Tutera is a place where professional and creative people working together for creating a brilliant idea to handle a perfect event for the clients. For over 30 years, David and team are always focusing on planning, organizing and handling a lot of events. You can trust your event to the David and team for planning, and handling everything needed. They will allow you to make an event according to your preference and your wish. They will help you to create an event as you want.

Planning and handling an event is sometimes not easy for most people. So, it is a brilliant idea to get in touch with David Tutera event planner. Through the David and teams event planner, you will find the best and complete service that helps you make your event perfect.

Get Modern Concepts with Wonderland Agency Event Planner
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Get Modern Concepts with Wonderland Agency Event Planner

Get Modern Concepts with Wonderland Agency Event Planner – Do you want to hold a corporate event, private event or even non-profit event in a modern and upbeat concept? Do you need the help of professional event planner? You can choose the Wonderland Agency as the event planner then. Wonderland Agency will help you with everything you need for the events starting from the planning, organizing and also handling the events perfectly.

– Overview
Wonderland Agency is creative-led experiential event company that helps clients on launching, positioning and elevating the brands across the world. It is a little bit different from the other event planners, Wonderland Agency offers more modern and upbeat events which also bring the young vibe to the events, which is exactly the same experience offered. This event planner is located in London, Miami, and New York City. You can ask for more detail information by calling on 0203 056 6848 or sending an email on

Wonderland and Agency have worked for over 15 years with a lot of brands and even celebrities like Ariana Grande, ASOS, Topshop, Haagen Dazs and more. Some services which are offered by Wonderland Agency, such as brand experience and experiential marketing, brand strategy and identity, team building, event design and production and more. Meanwhile site offers services on online gambling from games to betting which is super fun.

– The Professional Teams of Wonderland Agency
Wonderland Agency was full of creative and professional teams to offers a perfect event to the clients, including Lora Lutostanks Enthoven as the CEO and founder of Wonderland Agency, Luisa Caro as the managing director, Susanne Lumb as the executive creative events director, Nina Kish as the finance director and more.

Wonderland Agency is one of the best event’s planners in London, Miami and New York City who provides more modern and more upbeat concept to the events that it handled. So, it is a great choice to use the help of Wonderland Agency for organizing and planning the modern events with a perfect concept.

Meet The Popular Event Organizer in Toronto: The Bassett Event Inc.

Meet The Popular Event Organizer in Toronto: The Bassett Event Inc.

Do you need some help to handle the event in your companies? Or maybe you need help from the professional event organizer to deal with your personal events? Trust your events to basset event. Bassett Events will handle and assist you in planning any events for your personal and company events.

About Bassett Events
The Bassett Events have dealt with the event industry for more than 15 years. It is quite a long time journey for proving how good and qualified this event management in giving the best to their clients. 15 years is not a short time and during its journey, the Bassett Events has various experiences which make it as one of the best event management that can satisfy the need and requirement of their clients. Bassett Events leads by Jennifer Bassett.

Bassett Events can handle various events, such as personal parties, charity events, weddings, company events and more. If you are really busy with work and daily activities, Bassett Events can help you and do all the preparations for you. You don’t need to stress out and think about the floor plan for the events. You can check their official website to see some projects they have done before. It will give you a depiction in how well and luxurious an event can be with the help of Bassett Events. For you who live in Toronto, you can give them a visit at 123 South Drive, Toronto, ON, M4W 1R9. You also can reach them on 416-616-4660 by phone.

The Teams
You will meet the adorable Bassett teams that will serve you heartedly. They are Jennifer Bassett, Carolyn Potter, Samantha Stewart, Grace Fabiano, and Caitlin Copp. Jennifer Bassett is the leader of the Bassett Events Management. She has more than 20 years experience in handling various events which all have run smoothly and successfully. Under her leadership, Bassett Events grows as the established and famous event management which beliefs to handle various well-known charity and board events. There is nothing cannot be realized by Bassett Event Management for their clients.

Carolyn Potter is the vice president of Bassett Event Management. She has a great ability to brainstorm the great floor plan to make the event memorable. Samantha Stewart is the event manager. Grace Fabiano served as the marketing director and Caitlin Copp acts as the media social manager.

All the teams of Bassett Events have the same principles which give the best for the client. Many famous celebrities, such as Snoop Dogg and David Foster are the clients of Bassett Events Management. So, what are you waiting for? Do you need help for preparing your event? Just call Bassett Events Management for the guide.

MKG: Where the Creative People Gathered!
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MKG: Where the Creative People Gathered!

MKG is an event company which focuses on company events and brand management. This event company also deals with several famous figures, such as Janet Jackson and Jessica Simpson. Have you ever seen the Google office? Google has a creative room which full of surprise and fun things to do. The idea behind creative work is MKG Marketing. It is a place where many creative people gather in a company!
– About MKG
MKG is also known for MKG Marketing. It was established by Maneesh K. Goyal in 2003. Their focus is on brand management and company events. MKG has two offices. The offices are located in New York City and Los Angeles. You can find the New York’s office at 599 Broadway, 4th Floor New York, NY 1001. You can reach the New York’s office by phone on 212 620 7770. While for the Los Angeles’ office is located in 933 N. La Brea, 2nd Floor West Hollywood, CA 90038. You can reach the New York’s office by dialing 323 656 7770.

In MKG, brands are the same importance as people. MKG wants to create an experience which makes the brands can interact with people. From that, people will love, need and eager to pay more for the brands.

– The Teams
MKG is a place where creative people gathered and produce brilliant ideas to market the brands, as well as they, hold the events for their clients. The teams of MKG are Tracy Bussan, Jake Brook- Harris, Lauren Austin, Mary Anne Broccolo, Christine Capone, Janna Ferner-Bell, Laura Gavin, Maggie Hightower, and Karina Munoz. The president of MKG is Tracy Bussan. Jake Brook- Harris is the president of MKG West. Lauren Austin is the executive creative director. Mary Anne Broccolo served as the design director.

Christine Capone served as the executive director marketing or strategy partnerships. Janna Ferner-Bell is the director of the production. Laura Gavin is the executive director production of MKG west. Maggie Hightower served as the finance director. Karina Munoz is the director accounts.

MKG, Where the Creative People Gathered

– The Works
You can see their works through their projects for various brands and popular companies, such as Google, Ray-Ban, Delta, MTV, Fila, SHOPBOB, Peloton, MLB, GOGO SQUEEZ, ABSOLUT, Mozilla, KIEHL’S, Delta Air Lines, BARKBOX, NETFLIX, AUDI and more. You can view each projects featuring the brands and the companies which will make you blow your mind.

The projects are so attractive and creative. You won’t see it twice in other places. To make their clients’ events go well and smooth, the MKG team have to breakdown the ideas and strategy into several steps. They are a strategy, creative, design, and production. Each step will be broken down into several parts which need some researches and developments to make the idea happened.

Why You Should Be Wary About EventElephant

Why You Should Be Wary About EventElephant

Although some people recommend EventElephant to organize your events, the final decision is in your hand. Make sure to browse the details of their previous work. If possible, contact the company for further information. Never bet the reputation upon something that is not certified yet.

Late Payment
The number of disappointed costumers of EventElephant is no joke. They even make a petition, which push the event organizer to pay their share. The number reaches around 500 people, based on the total persons who signed the petition. All of them complained that the company hadn’t paid them back, even though the event has passed for months.

In the contract, the payment should be settled after all the bank charges have been calculated. This process shouldn’t take long according to these businessmen. Moreover, all the payments are directed to the EO account. Thus, many agree that the reason given by EventElephant staff that the participants hold their payment is not reasonable at all.

There is another surprising fact. The event organizer owed several companies for two years long. It might be a small amount for big company, but since the event belonged to small non profit organization, the number matters.

Inactive Contacts
The dispute between the event organizer and the costumers won’t be a big headline if the EventElephant immediately settled the payment. As the email respond is not satisfying enough, many had tried to contact the office in Dublin, only to find that it was closed. The other branches quickly went into bankruptcy as well. The case, as well as the petition, then were presented to the High Court.

There are times when EventElephant gains a lot of attention from both small and big companies. They have great offer and help them to organize the events based on the agreed details. Unfortunately, some users were not satisfied with the systems.

The Big Help at Your Wedding Day: Brilliant Event Planning
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The Big Help at Your Wedding Day: Brilliant Event Planning

Celebrating a wedding is a dream for everyone. Perfect dresses, hairdos, makeup, food, beverage, and décoration are a kind of big thing to do. Behind this perfect moment, there is a lot of preparation to make! Don’t push yourself too hard handling everything by yourself. You need help from the professional wedding organizer to make your wedding dream come true. Don’t hesitate to call Brilliant Event Planning to help you preparing your big day! Why should Brilliant Event Planning?

The Big Help at Your Wedding Day

The Experts
Say hello to the experts! In Brilliant Event Planning, you will handle by the professional to help you out with your wedding event. It will be fun since the experts have a lot of experience in handling and organizing the wedding events for many clients for almost 10 years. The Brilliant Event Planning was founded by Sarah Pease in 2008. Now, it is owned by Chelsea LaFollette and Sarah Glick.

The Brilliant Event Planning is headquartered in Boston and New York City. Both Sarah and Chelsea are really passionate about planning the wedding and make it as a fun experience rather than stress things to do. All the teams of Brilliant Event Planning are creative individuals who have the same commitments and vision in giving the best to their clients. This creative wedding organizer will make your dream on your wedding day come true.

The Experience
Brilliant Event Planning has dealt with this business for ten years. They have served various wedding events with a lot of type of concepts and themes. To keep the quality and maintain the focus, the Brilliant Event Planning limits their clients for each year. The wedding will be inspired by the couples’ love story, so one wedding event to another will be different and has special meaning for the couple.

Brilliant Event Planning can handle the wedding events internationally and locally. For those of you who live in outside of New York City and Boston, you still can contact the team to arrange and help you with your wedding plan. As the proof of their commitment and passion in arranging the best wedding event for their customers, Brilliant Event Planning has been awarded for the couple’s choice awards 2018 for Wedding wire and 2019 pick the knot best of weddings.

Brilliant Event Planning also serves their client for parties, baby shower, wedding proposal, bridal showers and more. No need to worry to think about the details and floor plan for your event, Brilliant Event Planning will help you to handle your events.

The One and Only a Perfect Planner Debi Lilly

The One and Only a Perfect Planner Debi Lilly

Who doesn’t know the famous TV show, Oprah Winfrey Show? If you are wondering who the creative people behind that famous show, you will see a name of Debi Lilly will show up in the lists. No wonder, she got a huge success when decided to set up her event planner company with all the background she had so far in her career. Let’s find out about A Perfect Planner by Debi Lilly.

The Overview
A Perfect Planner: Debi Lilly is an event company which focuses on planning and designing various events for their clients. The office is located in 3050 N Lincoln Avenue, Chicago, IL 60657. You can contact them by phone or sending the email. This event planning and designing company has worked in the event’s field for more than 20 years. It is more than enough for the De Lilly and teams to learn and improve their service to give the best final execution to their clients. A Perfect Planner: Debi Lilly provides a complete service for the client.

A Perfect Planner: Debi Lilly receives some awards for the services to their clients. They are Top 10 event Planner which awarded by Departure Magazine, The Top Wedding Planner by Martha Stewart and The Knot, Top Event Innovator by BizBash and Top Event Planner which is awarded by Global Black Book. These awards are a proof that A Perfect Planner: Debi Lilly is a good event planner that can help their clients in creating the memorable events as they required.

Perfect Planner Debi Lilly

The Teams
A Perfect Planner by Debi Lilly is fronted by the professional people who know well their working fields and has passion on it. There are three women who sit in the top of the event company. They are Debi Lilly, Rachael Brodette and Natalie Zotto. Debi Lilly served as the chief of the event company. Rachael Brodette and Natalie Zotto served as the events managers. Together, they make a strong cooperation bond along with other talented people who work as the team in A Perfect Planner by Debi Lilly.

The Services
A Perfect Planner by Debi Lilly provides various services for their clients. They are parties, wedding event, corporate events, galas dinner, flora decoration, stationeries management, styling, bridal shower and more. There are a lot of types of service events that you can get in A Perfect Planner by Debi Lilly. You can see the latest events as your reference by checking their website.

A Perfect Planner: Debi Lilly will accommodate all your needs related to personal or companies events. You can find the best and complete service that will help you in making your event to be the best ever and also memorable.

What Makes Xsaga Different?
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What Makes Xsaga Different?

While going through event organizer profile, one thing that should be found: the difference. How one event organizer is better than the other? Could the working ethic ensure the costumers about the result? As one of the top rated event organizer, Xsaga surely brings extravagant approach.

What Makes Xsaga Different

Creative Concept
In this modern day, concept is something that could be found by online search. Some websites even specifically design free concepts to be downloaded. The weakness of this kind of concept is the limit settled by the creators. Those who only copy the work of others indirectly admits their inability to bring new concept.

This is not what Xsaga does. In the discussion, the team will present new ideas. Most staffs are trained to think outside the box, mix matching things that doesn’t seem to work together but represent one idea. This approach help the costumer to shape their own program of the event. What if the client already has a concept in mind? No problem! The staffs could make it even more spectacular!

Limitless Marketing Strategy
One mistake that many event organizers often do is leaning on media only. Sometimes, they even take the shortcut, relying on one single option to bring the highest effect. As expected, the highest percentage of success from the plan could not be compared to the power of people and brands. Media is only the vehicle, the most important is the content. With a strong content, any media could bring maximum result.

The main difference that costumers should know is the concepts. Instead of merely copying the existing samples, the team tries to execute brand new concept for each costumer. Moreover, the marketing strategy applied by the team is limitless, particularly in the content. Working with Xsaga is the way to rocket the brand. Are you ready to take the opportunity?

How Things Work In EventElephant
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How Things Work In EventElephant

Either small or big, profitable or non-profitable, an organization or company usually holds an event. It could be weekly, monthly, or even annually. With all the piled up office works, the head project might need a hand to handle all the things for a perfect event. Just one question: how does it work?

Contact The Team
The first thing to do is contacting the team. It could be done through several ways: email, phone, social media account, or visiting the office. Either way, the head project should be ready with the rough plan of the event: what kind of event is it, what are the main programs, the target, etc.

Signing Contract
All these details will be constructed by the EventElephant team. If the head project is happy with the plan, then the agreement contract should be signed. In short, it covers what both parties need to know about the range of responsibility, how far one could interfere with the policy, etc. It is highly recommended to read the contract carefully.

Profit Sharing
One thing that should not be overlooked in a contract is the profit sharing. As the second party, EventElephant will demand a profit sharing. It could be considered as the “payment” for the team. Many people choose this EO because the sharing is quite low compared to the others; only around 4-5%.

In the end of the event, all the payment from the participants are transferred to EventElephant account. Then, after calculating the total income minus the profit sharing, the head project will get the rest of the payment.

Need a hand on the next big events? Why don’t find an event organizer to help? It would be a hustle to prepare all the details and call all the parties one by one. Draw the big plan, fill them in the form, make a short meeting, and let the EO team works for you!

The Latest Xsaga Works
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The Latest Xsaga Works

Is there any better way to see the quality of event organizer other than the documentary of the events? Probably no. For the last years, Xsaga had handled lots of events, none of them end in failure. In fact, they were so amazing, both for the company and the visitors.

Gourmet Elkaar
The Gourmet Elkaar is basically a very spontaneous diner or people usually get-together. The seat could be reserved through pre-booking system. The concept is having a long tent in the middle for the guests, then the other tents on the sides will be the cooking tent for the cooks and barista.

The preparation stage is so detailed: wood palette for the cooking tent, welcoming beanie for the guests, the warm lighting, etc. By the time the guests arrive, everything is ready. Then, they get seated and the food and drink start pouring. A bonus: sing along with the mini orchestra performers who come to the table!

Designer Outlet Roermond
It is all about light and timing. For this project, Xsaga works with tons of experienced staffs to make the miracle happen. The idea of outlet roermond is the extraordinary firework festival. As the opening show, there will be a gigantic light model, walking from the gallery to the amusement park. The body, hands and feet movement are controlled by six humans.

As the light model goes to the street, it attracts crowd and many follows it to the amusement park. After arriving, it starts to light up the merry-go-round. The moment it touches the roof, the lights are turned on. The events repeat until the light model reaches the ferris wheel, hit the bell and officially launches the firework. Oh! donÆt forget the marching band!

There are several ways to check how well an event organizer plans the whole programs. First, you could attend the event. Second, you could see the documentary videos. If these two are not enough, go call the companies to make sure! Either way, Xsaga always tries to bring the best out of the occasion.

The Xsaga Qualities
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The Xsaga Qualities

While creating the big picture of an event, the costumer has certain standard to achieve. These goals then become the parameter for the event organizer to plan the details and strategy. Dealing with Xsaga has never been a disappointment. It takes satisfaction to a whole new level by setting the “Xsaga qualities”.

Excellent Production Skills
Believe it or not, most big dreams come from something that most people would describe as ôimpossibilityö. It is not new to see that the house designer has heated debate with the constructors upon a unique design. This wonÆt be the case in Xsaga.

Bringing costumers’ expectation into reality could only be done by those with excellent production skills. It is exactly what Xsaga offers to the costumers. The discussions will be filled with positive energy, as the staffs try their best to draw the blue print of the plan and incorporating all the details as well. Won’t it be nice to have supportive partners?

Extensive Network of Freelancers
Dealing with events is not easy since they could be anything. One client might want to hold a formal charity event, while the others demand a fun outdoor auction. In order to meet the Xsaga quality, the team has wide range of freelancers who are equipped with different talents. After the head of team decided the specification, the suitable freelancers will be contacted.

It would be a waste to make a perfect plan if those who will work in the field cannot give the expected result. By listing the qualified freelancers on different field, any event will run smoothly with minimum error.

Those who live in Europe, particularly Netherland, might have heard the name Xsaga. It is considered as the top rated event organizer that could bring a brilliant result, even higher than the costumersÆ expectation. No wonder, the Xsaga still secures the highest chair every year.

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